Joanna holds a Video Productions Transitions Certificate from Boulder Digital Arts, and an Advanced Editing Certificate in Final Cut Pro from Boulder Digital Arts. She uses the Adobe suite of software for her work.

She is a creator who has written scripts, filmed documentaries, and produced movies. She filmed a documentary overseas in Thailand on endangered fishing cats with her friend and colleague Morgan Heim. The film has successfully protected land for the rare species, and was backed by the WILD Foundation, Kickstarter, and a letter of support from National Geographic. The film is currently in the final stages of post-production.

Joanna directed and produced a public service announcement to raise awareness about the need to phase out California driftnets, which target high-in-mercury swordfish that come with sides of unwanted bycatch like sea turtles and whales. Her video received over100,000 views and was nominated for a TechSoup Storymakers Award. She was subsequently awarded funds to create a series of PSA's that were released in 2016.  Award-winning filmmaker Judy Irving (The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill) showed the PSA before her latest documentary film Pelican Dreams.

Select film projects are shown below.


Select Films

Public Service Announcement: On the Street to Talk Swordfish & Deadly Driftnets

 "Make smart seafood choices. Say 'no' to California driftnet caught high-in-mercury swordfish that comes with unwanted sides of sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, whales and other marine wildlife," is the basic message conveyed in the film.

The video was filmed in Santa Monica, Calif.


Public Service Announcement: Welcome to Gillnetty's

 This public service announcement highlights the dangers - both to humans and to the environment - of eating swordfish caught by driftnets. Using a restaurant setting, the film illustrates the concept of fisheries bycatch and mercury.

The video was filmed in Boulder, Colo.


Documentary Film: CAT in WATER

McWilliams and fellow journalist Morgan Heim set out to find and document one of the world's most endangered species - the fishing cat. These elusive cats live in rural Thailand, and less than 2,000 individuals remain. CAT in WATER is a documentary that captures the quest to find these rare creatures.

This video was filmed in Sam Roi Yot, Thailand.